Why Say Yes To Terrazzo Flooring – A Quick Report

Why Say Yes To Terrazzo Flooring – A Quick Report

Terrazzo flooring is one of the most popular choices of flooring for residential and commercial use. The limitless luxury and aesthetic attributes of terrazzo flooring are making it standout in the crowd. Nothing can replace the beautiful design and stylish look of the terrazzo floors, the advantages of installing terrazzo are much more than the disadvantages. Design flexibility, beautiful aesthetics, and environmental friendliness, easy to clean benefits, long-life in high-traffic and high-stress adjustments, and low maintenance and life-cycle cost.

Terrazzo Flooring

Easy installation of terrazzo flooring

•           Before you start the installation of terrazzo flooring, an expert survey of the premises must be carried out to guarantee that the floor has the quality to handle the kind of material utilized within terrazzo flooring which is quite heavy in terms of material used.

•           Make certain that the plywood sub-floor must be protected by a waterproof layer like polyurethane sheeting in light of the fact that concrete cover is utilized. This is carried out to keep the dampness in the concrete from looking for into and rotting the wood underneath.

•           Now when the layer of cement is poured keeping in mind the concrete is still wet the wholesome is added to the floor. The marble, glass or stone chips might be implanted in a particular example or scattered haphazardly. When the floor is situated trowels are utilized to smooth the surface of the floor.

•           Once the cemented texture is dried, crushing apparatus is utilized to make a much smoother and leveled floor surface. After this the floor is cleaned, polished and ensured with a slim layer of sealant.

Advantages of terrazzo flooring – At a glance
•           Durable and simple to keep up

•           Water and heat resistant

•           Nearly impervious

•           Easy and low maintenance

•           Extremely impervious to water and humidity

•           Concrete surface regular stone flooring.

•           Unique outward show that could be tailored to suit any home improvement need.

•           Extremely strong, out enduring all other deck materials.

•           Sustainable, earth agreeable and can fit the bill for LEED.

•           Greatly lessened upkeep expenses, takes out requirement for topical sealers and floor substitution.


Go Green with Terrazzo Flooring

If you are thinking of going green then terrazzo flooring is the winner of the season due to the countless sustainable benefits it brings to your home. It has become the first choice of the homeowners who want to contribute their share in upholding the sustainability and adopt an environmental friendly lifestyle.